This is a detailed breakdown of our pricing chart

  • Hosting & Domains

    Hosting & Domain name is mandatory to have a live website. Please note, that these prices are separate to your packages. If you require a domain name, we can provide this for you at an additional cost, if you have an existing domain name, we can transfer this to the new website we are creating for you. We also provide hosting as an additional cost, this hosting comes in a variety of prices & this will depend on exactly what you are looking for. Hosting is the particular server that your website & all its content is stored on, without this, there really is no website.
  • 100% Australian made websites

    We are a Sydney based team who will work with you over a wide range of platforms ie face to face, Skype, over the phone, Facebook. We acknowledge busy schedules & will compromise the best medium that works for you. Being 100% Australian means when you’re awake, we’re awake! No need to worry about time zones, if you have any questions we are contactable at all times.
  • High quality website designs

    Our customers deserve our full attention, we acknowledge that a respectable amount of hours are dedicated to each & every customers website, this ensures that you receive high quality work in a timely manner. We take into consideration that having your very own website for your company is exciting, which means we won’t keep you waiting too long. We also want to provide you the exact website that you want, which means your say matters – we want your honest feedback & will change anything that needs altering.
  • Entry into google search engine

    Your website will entered into Google, the largest search engine in the world – this will then be showcased to the world.
  • SEO tool optimization, Meta titles & SEO description

    The above will be installed to assist with search engine optimization of your website, this will guide people to locate your site on google & also have a description under the website for those to see what your website has to offer.
  • Regular content updates

    Regular content updates assures that you can alter, make changes, constantly add, delete, change etc anything on your website, all you need to do is share with us what you’re wanting to change & how you want it to look & we shall make these changes for you. This is great if you constantly want to add new photos to your website, make pricing changes etc.
  • Make your website live

    Once happy with the content that we’ve designed & created for you, we will make this live, so it can be viewed immediately by typing the website into the search bar of either your desktop, mobile device or tablet.
  • Enquiry contact form on website

    This is offered so that your customers can contact you via a contact form – this page is popular for almost any company as this gives the customer an opportunity to contact you with all their questions that they may have for you & you can also send them replies in regards to pricing, PDF’s, packages etc.
  • Mobile device ready

    This option allows you to view your site mobile-ready so your desktop version will not be showcased, there is no need for zooming in & zooming back out etc, it will be detected that you are using a mobile phone & change your website in to a mobile device format.
  • Automated contact form auto reply

    This allows acknowledgement to your customer knowing that you have received the email & will get back to them in a certain amount of time. You can share with us exactly what you would like your automated reply to say & we can display that for you. This creates reassurance to the customer knowing that their request has been sent through & that you will look at this & get back to them.
  • Photo Gallery

    Having a place to display photos is great for your customer to see what you are advertising – it breaks up & creates balance from writing upon the website. You get to choose where you would like your gallery to be displayed whether that’d be a whole page that we can create for your gallery – or even if you want it on the side of your website next to written content. It is always great to showcase to your customer what you are offering/selling to the, – this could be products you are selling or even work that you’ve completed for someone else as an example.
  • 1 on 1 tutorial on how your site works

    Once your website is up & running, we provide a 1 on 1 tutorial on how your website works, this creates a greater understanding for yourself to know how your website runs & operates.
  • Shopping cart & selling products online

    When selling products in person, it is also a great opportunity to sell them online. More than 51% of Australians are now buying online, 44% of these people use their smartphones to do all the shopping. We can create a website that is dedicated to customers buying things upon your website, we can create the shopping cart etc& even take care of your stock count.
  • Phone support

    Phone support is supplied to you throughout your journey with Keep It Simple Websites, we are available to chat from get-go & even after we’ve done business with you. We will provide all answers to the questions that you may think of along the way. We will also be there to help you get the hang of your website & how you can manage this yourself (Just remember if this might be too hard to manage for you, you can leave it to us & we can manage it for you!)
  • Social media Integration

    If you have a social media page ie Facebook, Instagram or twitter we can link this too your website with icons being displayed upon your website. Don’t have a Facebook page? No need to worry, we can create this for you, link it & it’ll be ready to go along side with your live website.
  • Home page photo slideshows

    Whether you have one photo you’d like to showcase or several, we can set up home page carousels or still images for your customers to see as soon as they enter your site. This gives a visual to the customer of what you are selling or even what your particular business is about.
  • Home page clickable buttons

    On your homepage we can allow your text or even images to be clickable that can divert your customer to another section of your page. For example, if you would like a photo that says enquire now, we can divert this for you to your contact page once it is clicked upon.
  • Email system setup

    This is a great opportunity to keep your personal & work email separate, we can create an email address that is strictly for your website, no need for Hotmail, gmail etc. For example, to get into contact with us, we have
  • Basic layout

    Basic layout is for those that only need a home page, contact page & an about page or even a gallery page. This particular layout will be ideal for plumbing, laboring, carpeting companies – however if you want more advanced websites we offer this too.
  • Advanced website layout

    This particular layout is great for companies that are wanting to showcase products, sell products, add blogs, advertising services that you offer.An advanced layout also gives you more opportunity on selection of themes & ore alterations etc.
  • Ongoing monthly fee for support and updates

    For those that want to ‘leave it to us’ we can assure you that your website is in safe hands. For a monthly fee, we can keep your website up to date with all the themes, plug ins & even if you want to alter anything we can change, update or even delete things. This is a great opportunity for those that are selling things online, we can manage your inventory for you & have a close relationship with you in regards to stock counts etc.
  • SSL Certificates

    SSL certificate protects your customers’ sensitive information – such as passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers – from being obtained by malicious third parties. Customers can see if your site is protected when they see the lock icon on their browser. Essential for online shopping websites.
  • Analytics

    We offer monthly reporting on website traffic, views the amount of people looking at your site, how long the are staying on your page and where the traffic is coming from. We offer a detailed breakdown in regards on how much traffic is going through your site. This is available on a month to month basis.
  • WordPress

    Our websites are built using WordPress platform and are user friendly. WordPress supports more than 60 million websites word wide. As of February 2016, WordPress is used by 59.1% of all the websites.
  • Support & Content Updates

    We offer monthly rates for website support and regular content updates for your website, so you never have to worry about keeping your website up to date, let us do it for you. We are always available for phone support or if you have any questions about your website.
  • Marketing & Advertising

    We can setup marketing and advertising options for your websites, such as social media marketing, email marketing, through search engines, through blogs, and many more. Enquire today on how to get your site out there for the world to see.
  • Graphic Design Options

    We offer a range of different packages of graphic design to create your own custom logo for your business (If you have an existing one, that’s great, just give us the logo & that is complete). We offer a range of things such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, banners, social media kits. Contact us to chat further about our graphic design options.
  • Branding

    We can help establish your brand in the marketplace, make it grow outside of the box its in. Unlock the full potential of your business