• Where do you hold your 1 on 1 consultations?

    Our one on one consultations are held at local café near you, we can chat with the company of coffee & be comfortable. If you do have your own office that you would like us to come to see, or have a meeting there, we would be more than welcome to do that also.
  • Are there any terms & conditions?

    Yes, there is terms & conditions, you can find them at the bottom of the web page by clicking the terms and conditions link. This gives both us & our customers an opportunity to be on the same page, with the same understanding.
  • How do I know which package is best for me?

    Firstly, you will need to identify what your goal is with your website than figure out what works best for you & what you want to showcase on your website, we can than showcase what package will work best for you & what will suit the needs of your business.
  • Does my website need security?

    That is up to your personal preference, security is most commonly used for websites that are selling products online or there is some form of transaction happening. it's totally up to you if you chose to purchase security for your own website, it's to give your customers a piece of mind when they are on your website.
  • How long till I get my website?

    Our team want to ensure that you receive your live website in a timely manner, however you must respect good things take time. It’s very hard to estimate the hours of work a certain website needs because every website we work on is different.
  • What happens if I want to add things or remove things that you've designed?

    There are ample opportunities throughout this journey to share if content needs to be updated, removed, added etc. If ever anything needs to be altered we can certainly complete this request for you.
  • Can you help me with social media marketing?

    If you have a Facebook page, we can certainly help out with marketing & even paid marketing, where you can target certain suburbs with cost behind this to target certain demographics. If you do not have a Facebook page, but are interested in something like this, we can create a Facebook page for your company & than move onto social media marketing.
  • What happens if I am not located in Sydney?

    Never fear! There is always Skype, Skype is a great opportunity for us to work with those that are not based in Sydney or even have busy schedules & are unable to attend meetings etc.
  • How do I get a logo?

    Our team of graphic designers will work with you to design your ultimate logo, depending on what logo package you buy will depend on the amount of examples you can choose from etc. We can than design business cards, letterheads with your logo on it.
  • What happens if there are things in certain packages that I do not need? Do I still have to pay for them?

    We want the best for our customers, this means that we can create packages to suit your needs. We’ve just chosen the 3 most popular packages that our customers tend to choose & showcased these.
  • Can I add videos to my website?

    You sure can!
  • What happens if I have a deadline I need it done by?

    Depending on the deadline & turnaround time for this, your website may incur with a rush fee if there is a strict deadline on this.
  • How do I get reports on analytics & traffic of my site?

    Depending on what package suits your needs, we can provide analytic reports on how your website is going, the traffic coming to it, the average time spent on your page, most popular pages etc. This is a great learning curve for your business to see what is working, what isn’t & if anything needs changing or spicing up.
  • What happens if I don’t have time to manage my website?

    We respect busy lifestyles, we can most certainly look after the website for you, it is in safe hands.
  • How do I make my payment to you?

    You can make payments either through PayPal, bank transfer or cash, an invoice will be provided once the payment has come through
  • Can I get business cards made by you with my logo?

    We can design the business cards for you, but also if you would like to have them printed we can use some of our partners to have that done for you.
  • Do you design the website by yourself or can I provide some thoughts on how I want it to look?

    The more information you provide to us, the better! It’s great for you to have a vision & perspective of what you want your dream website to look like – so if you have any ideas to share with us, we are all ears! Whether that’d be colour, positioning, pages, content.
  • What do I do if I already have a little undeveloped website?

    We can certainly help you out there, send our team a message and we can advise you on the best option for you, either to continue with what you have created or if it's easier to start a brand new site, we can give you our professional opinion.
  • What happens if I don't like what you've designed?

    We understand, acknowledge & respect your opinion & that you want your website looking the best hence why the more information provided on how you want your website to look helps our process a lot. If for example, you do not like what we’ve designed, you can chat with our consultants to have this re-designed.
  • Does my website go live as soon as you start work on it?

    Your website will not go live until you give us the okay. We do not want to broadcast half a job & pending pages etc. So, once you are happy with the finished product & gives us the okay, we will make your website live.
  • How Am I Protected In This Transaction?

    We provide our customers with a contract that is fair to both parties with everything agreed to, so no one is short changed and both parties are treated fairly.